Lilbourne Meadows

‘DIRFT 3’ and the development of the masts site will see industrial units extending part of the way up Hillmorton Lane from the A5. It has been agreed that there should be a buffer zone, to be known as ‘Lilbourne Meadows’ between the village and this development:

‘Lilbourne Meadows’: Proposal for buffer area between Lilbourne and ‘DIRFT 3’ industrial units.

Water areas:

Remodelled stream is more winding, for variety, but sections of existing course are retained as backwaters.
Marginal planting encourages wildlife. Surrounding area will be wet grassland, flooding occasionally, to provide habitat variety.
Ponds, created for a natural appearance, form a great crested newt habitat.
Permanent water bodies, varied size & shape, planted with aquatic and marginal vegetation.
Hide provided for viewing water birds and other wildlife.

Meadow areas :
• Existing hedgerows retained, with gaps filled in to increase native plant species. 
• Best ridge-&-furrow retained.
• Open grassy area provided for curlews, hares, butterflies, etc.

Woodland area :
Spinney to be created along ridge, using native trees.
Bird hide next to path at edge of small wooded area, overlooking meadow.

As at August 2016, this massive engineering project is well under way. Within the next 18 months, we should hopefully see the theorised plans come into fruition.