Situated off Station Road, (CV23 0SX) Lilbourne Village Hall was purpose-built in the 1980s, and is fully wheelchair accessible. The main hall includes a stage; elsewhere in the building there isa kitchen/bar area, and of course, toilet facilities. Because of Lilbourne's central position and our proximity to the M1, M6, A14, and A5, groups across the country have found Lilbourne's hall very useful. We are currently involved in a refurbishment and upgrade process that we have called 'Lifting Lilbourne', and are seeking grants etc. The interior of the hall was redecorated in September 2014.

Lilbourne Parish Council has recently bought all the site, except for the hall itself, from Daventry District Council - and also, from DDH, the area where the garages were. Security cameras have been installed. We are very excited about promised help from Prologis as part of their community involvement associated with DIRFT III development. Our current play area was improved May 2014, as part of the first stage of this involvement, and there are ambitious plans for the redevelopment of all the leisure facilities. HD CCTV. 24/7 surveillance cameras now operate around hall and surrounding area.

The hall is available for hire: For Bookings, please contact:

Peter Thorneycroft,17 Yelvertoft Rd. Lilbourne. CV23 0SY
Tel : 01788 860388

E-mail the secretary :-

We are on :- facebook, LilbourneVillageHall